Vengeance DCT Hybrid + Youth (sin rejilla)
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Vengeance DCT Hybrid + Youth (sin rejilla)

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Hybrid Single Layer DCT TPU/D3O® Cushioning

A powerful combination of Single Layer Dual Compression TPU Cushioning and patented D3O technology means you get the advanced technology of TPU in the front and
crown - and the protection of D3O® in the sides and back - all in the same helmet.

Single Layer Dual Compression TPU

The newest generation of our patented TPU Cushioning System, Single Layer Dual Compression TPU is a ribbed system, constructed in only one layer, that delivers BETTER impact absorption while reducing overall weight. Single Layer Dual Compression TPU absorbs both high velocity, violent impacts, as well as the

low velocity impacts that occur on nearly every play.

D3O® Energy Lock Technology

Lightweight, Flexible, Breathable D3O® is a patented, lightweight impact protection technology with a unique molecular structure allowing it to remain soft and flexible in its natural state. Upon impact, however, the molecules in D3O® lock together to absorb and disperse impact energy, reducing the force transmitted and instantly returning to its natural state.

Patented Twist Release System

Two piece faceguard retainer system eliminates upper loop straps, making it easier and faster than ever to attach or remove the faceguard.

SureFit Liner System

The re-designed SUREFIT Air Liner features a TPU outer skin (front liner) with increased surface coverage and additional comfort foam that makes it ultra comfortable. The back liner is strategically located behind the D3O® padding, ensuring a secure and proper fit.

High Powered Shell Design

Incorporating the best design elements of the ION 4D and the AiR XP, the Vengeance shell also features our patented Flexural Resistance Back Shelf Design – increasing strength and impact absorption in the back of the helmet.