Ultra Shockskin Wrist Guard
Ultra Shockskin Wrist Guard
Ultra Shockskin Wrist Guard
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Ultra Shockskin Wrist Guard


Shock Doctor Velocity ShockSkin 4-Inch Wrist Band Guard

The Shock Doctor Velocity ShockSkin Protective Wrist Band offers lightweight flexible protective ShockSkin padding that moves with your wrist. Shock Doctor's Pure Vent System amplifies airflow throughout padded areas while the Motion 360 mesh incorporates variable stretch materials throughout the wrist for increased support and range of motion.

Lightweight, Breathable, Comfortable
Top of the line Velocity apparel, it’s lightweight, incredibly breathable and exceeds all your comfort and protection expectations on and off the field. With its anti-microbial moisture wicking stretch fabric construction, the Shock Doctor 804 Velocity ShockSkin Protective Wrist Band keeps moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and cool.

Shockskin Pure-Vent - Wrist Impact Protection
Fabric and vented protective foam pads move and contour with the body for ultimate comfort and lightweight protection. Pure-Vent technology incorporates direct air flow venting in the ShockSkin pads and channels to enhance cooling.Wrist Impact Protection provides dual density ShockSkin impact and slash protection on the wrist.

Motion360 - Airflow
Exclusive combination of variable stretch fabrics for unrestricted wrist/arm range of motion and compression fit. Four-way stretch mesh zones maximize breathability in multiple areas to accelerate cooling.